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50 years of experience available to international importers and exporters


Fairness and greater position in relationships are our strength


Thanks to our experience you will always be one step ahead with competition

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Adriano Amadio Agencies resumes activities in Brazil and expands business with Russia, Ucraina and Bielorussia. Adriano Amadio General manager of Amadio Agencies with more than 50 years of experience in wine export . The agency returns to business after 5 years.It is our pleasure making it available again to importers and exporters with their experiences and undisputed seriousness with the same concept of the past: honesty and close cooperation. All this is to offer service to suppliers for the ideal solutions.

Why work with usClasse "AAA"

Our exporters, which we rapresent with honor, give us the strenght to be able to present ourselves to our foreign partners with more energy in competition, thanks to their reliability.
Respect,quality and competitive prices is our main target.
"Last and not least " the sensititivity to comprehend the needs of importers. 
We can proudly say that importers who rely on us are for sure seroius and reliable friends for many years.
We would like you to know that our clients are the most selected and seroius in the market area where we operate.
It is necessary to match strenght and seriousness and long term partnership based on trust and respect.  We strongly believe in this to achieve the best we can in the market areas. 
Which are the reasons to trust us with your import and exports?

  • The possibility of supplying importers with all the wines of Italy with a single groupage organized by us
  • The possibility for exporters to be able to ship various types by collaborating with the various wineries.
  • The guarantee of quality achieved thank to the technologies always respecting traditions.
  • The guarantee of having  advantageous prices since the total volume we move with exporters allows importers to shop by entering the total volume exports.

We are able to offer the best products of all regions of Italy from the far North to Sicily, offering groupage solutions, always of “AAA “ class. Customers and suppliers are not just customers and suppliers but also and above all investments .FRIENDS AN PARTNERS!!!

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